Fringe Internacional (english)


(Co-producción Fringe San Miguel y Skot Foreman Gallery) 

 Viernes 4 y sábado 5 marzo, 7:30pm. Galería Skot Foreman (La Aurora)

Entrada libre ¦ Cupo limitado

Artista: Janet Prince Dirección y dramaturgia: John Morrow Dirección Artística: Stephan Frost, Janet Prince


‘A match made in colour’

‘When you paint black it must have colour’ Frost

‘Colour is the eye’s music’ Lorca

A unique fusion of art poetry and theatre.  Celebrated  British abstract artist Sir Terry Frost spent a decade creating work inspired by Federico García Lorca.  He produced the beautiful Lorca Portfolio:  eleven poems in both Spanish and English each accompanied by an original etching by Frost.  Another unique fusion of performers and creatives from Mexico New York and Great Britain have come together in the appropriate setting of an art gallery to bring this portfolio to life.

Género: multidisciplina ¦ Idioma: bilingüe inglés/español


 Viernes 26 y sábado 27 febrero, 7pm. San Miguel Playhouse (Av. Independencia 82)

Artista: Karen Ludwig Dirección: Dorothy Lyman Productora: Katie McHugh


WHERE WAS I? Directed by Emmy award winner Dorothy Lyman, tells the funny and poignant story of a lifetime spent in one of our most passionate and public professions.  From playing Meryl Streep’s lover in Woody Allen’s Manhattan, to her heart-rending film portrayal of Ethel Rosenberg in Citizen Cohn, to her many memorable theater performances, Karen Ludwig has shared the New York stage and screen for over four decades with some of Broadway and Hollywood’s biggest stars. WHERE WAS I? is a moving and often hilarious journey of a dedicated artist in search of her identity. It is a vital and compelling story of a lifetime working in the arts.

Género: Monólogo Edades: Adolescentes y adultos


 Miércoles 2 y jueves 3 de marzo, 10pm. El 58 (Mesones 58)

Intérprete: Bremner Duthie Dramaturgia: Caroline Russell-King y Bob Burns Coreografía: Tracy Drain Dirección: Dave Dawson


“Will there be singing in the dark times? Yes there will also be singing, singing about the dark times”

– Bertold Brecht

In the ruins of a Cabaret theatre, an actor tumbles onto a darkened stage. When the lights come up he finds himself alone. His friends and colleagues have disappeared, arrested by the authorities.  Only their shattered stage props and glittering torn costumes remain. The actor turns to run and vanish into the night, but an audience has slipped through the broken door, and they expect a show.  So, he gives them the show of their life.  He uses all his talents to joyously recreate the acts of the missing company. The Funnyman, the Showgirl, the Song and Dance Man and the rest of his troupe vividly spring to life on stage as the actor pays homage to his disappeared friends.

Género: cabaret Edades: adolescentes y adultos

Fringe San Miguel Festival de Artes Escénicas 2016