Edinburgh sees the final weekend of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival - Edinburgh, Scotland, UK - 29th August 2009.Fringe San Miguel Performing Arts Festival is the first bilingual fringe festival in Latin America and is inspired by other fringe festivals around the world, from Edinburgh to New York, Toronto to Madrid.

The first Fringe happened spontaneously in Edinburgh in 1947, on the “fringe” of the established Edinburgh International Festival. It is now the largest arts festival in the world and in August 2014, was host to 3,193 shows in 299 venues.


The concept of Fringe is contagious – today, 270 different Fringe festivals can be found in cities on five continents. All of these festivals are independent, but they share a common commitment to a new generation of artists, a passion for original and alternative performance, a lack of censorship, a celebration of diversity, creativity and accessibility. Fringe San Miguel is a member of the World Fringe Network.

During the inaugural Fringe San Miguel held in October 2013, the city became a stage for 28 shows in 12 different venues. More than 1,300 people attended performances of theatre, dance, cabaret, improvisation and puppets and 81 Mexican and international artists participated.


In the course of 2014, Fringe San Miguel has consolidated its structure and organization. It currently is operating under the management of El Centro de las Artes Contemporáneas de San Miguel, A.C. (CACSM). logo EL Centro

The CACSM is a non-profit organization with authorized charity status both in Mexico and the US. This civil association was founded five years ago by a group of foreign and Mexican residents of San Miguel de Allende and its purpose is to promote arts and culture in the region and the development of cultural infrastructure in this city.

The long-term vision for the CACSM as an administrative entity is to become a creative alliance for the cultural and artistic events and organizations of the city. The CACSM plans to transform into a network of support for independent artists, groups and cultural entrepreneurs seeking fiscal sponsorship, administrative and legal support, marketing and professional development.

The CACSM is a member of the National Association of Latino Arts and Culture (NALAC) based in San Antonio, Texas and also of Fractured Atlas, an arts service organization located in New York.

Fringe San Miguel Performing Arts Festival 2015-16